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how to prevent hamsters from eating their babies



how to prevent hamsters from eating their babies

Store bought puzzles However, if you spot your hamster’s problem within 24 hours of it surfacing, his survival chances are higher. But as with most animals, home made versions are sometimes the best. Try not to wake up or annoy the hamster, since it will not rest properly and he will be very irritable. Hammies are always moving and curious and need to see and smell and know and inquire about every little thing. Layla You should be looking for a vet labeled as ”exotic”. Then, place bits of food or hamster treats on top of each name – like a piece of carrot, a peanut, a bit of cooked chicken, or something else from this safe foods list. Hiding a bit of food into the suspended walnuts I talked about earlier is a great idea too. In these type of situations, she sacrifices her newborn babies. And hamsters do not like to be held this much or in that position, so they will squirm a bit. So, if your elder hammy is stricken with wet tail, do your best to treat him. For example a sticky noodle will be identified by the hammy as a grain, an stored for later. Mice males need a cage almost as big as a Syrian’s, just for one male mouse. See, hamsters are one of many animal species that have been known to eat their young. Social needs of all 3 rodents and how they get along with owners You’re literally holding them in place when they want to investigate that rustling bag. Aside from Lewis’ blog (linked a few rows above), there’s no other clear evidence I’ve found that hammies can pass gas. So you can give your hamster a lot of options here. Make sure that you place the cage in a quiet environment. Hamsters rarely ever need a veterinarian, but make sure you have one on call if necessary Those are the basics, and there isn’t much you can do aside from that. List of hamster names, for female hamsters: Abby So what is wet tail ? This may confuse the mother, causing her to not recognize the babies as her own, or she may suddenly consider them defective. If you don’t have a vet on call, or are not sure what kind of vet you need, look for an ”exotics” vet. Even if he uses them for nesting purposes, it still happens. Vladimir the Restless I know a momma eating her babies is terrible, but it can happen sometimes, and I’m glad you found out how to make sure it doesn’t happen. Any discharge at all, from the nose, ears, eyes, anal or genital openings. Imagine your little friend on the wheel, all night long, running as far a 9 km/5.5 miles in one night. You can read nice roundup of the 4 best hamster bedding options out there, and see which would work best for you. I’ve found a great video on Youtube for a home made digging tower for your hamster. If you work a night shift, your’re probably on the same pattern as us. Keep very sticky or saucy foods away from the hamster, even if he tries to eat them This I can’t say. Well, for the most part competence, yes. More on how often to clean a hammy’s home here, and what kind of bedding to provide to make sure he is safe. The hammy will then lick it, and have at least a bit of water. So do hamsters fart ? You’ll find out how much food we need, what kind of home we like, and why we sometimes eat our poo ! These are: almonds You can give her a boiled egg and sprinkle her usual food with fish liver oil. Be very careful when handling your hamster, and never let a child or pet interact unsupervised. In short, hamsters have to travel far and wide in order to find enough food. Pepita Therefore, touching the pups should be put off for as long as possible. 1. Especially the babies, under 12 weeks of age. Rey So, even if your hammy could technically eat a plain Pringle (no salt, though), he’d get shards everywhere and it’s not a good idea. And it should be plain, unflavored water. The problem with this that the mother will be dehydrated and malnourished, and won’t be able to care properly for her existing litter. This is mostly because it has an incubation period (7 days), in which it’s not immediately obvious that the hamster is sick. Hammies don’t like to share and generally should not be housed together. This is a disease that can affect any hamster of any age, although some are more prone to it. Hamsters aren’t the only child eaters: Polar bears, burying beetles, wolf spiders, and sand goby fish (among others) also practice infant cannibalism. Mice are only a slight bit smarter in this area. The first stomach, or the first part of the stomach, is meant as a primary digestion. This is mostly because they need lots of stimulation, and sometimes being kept in their cage isn’t enough. Provide additional bread soaked in milk in a small food bowl as this will provided extra proteins both for the mother and baby hamsters. You can find out here how much water a hamster needs, and how to clean his water bottle. The best hamster toys ever are not easy to find, but they’re there if you look for them. Boomer Turns out hamsters have a veeery different sleeping pattern than us humans. Or, you can use a bottled water that is labeled as safe for newborn humans, which is safe for hamsters as well. Wet tail can be treated, if spotted in its first phase (first 24 hours). More on that later in the article. Doing so, however, puts their lives in danger. Or, paper towels and bits of toilet paper or cardboard, if he’s a pet. It’s best to give these to your hamster along with other treats, not just this one. Also be aware that hamsters have very sensitive ears and hearing, and as such speaking to them in a soft, low voice will be easy on their ears and they won’t shy away from you. For example you can chose a few hamster names and write them out on a paper plate or tray. (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. He doesn’t do well with change. The hamster will take entire days to go through the treat, and a whole box will last you pretty much forever, given the size of the hamster and the number of treats inside. They simply don’t sit still, and don’t really like being handled. That means from Southern Turkey, to Syria, to Russia, Mongolia, and parts of China. For seeds they can be 3-4 at a time. The article continues after the image.) But wait for at least 3 weeks after you separate her, to see if she does give birth or not. For example my Teddy is a chewer, and he loves everything made of wood that he can gnaw on, including bendy bridges, walnuts, his home, and so on. How much a trip to the vet costs for a hamster This is again something that will always come up. Umbriel There are a few symptoms you’ll notice when your hamster is sick, or injured. ♥️ ♥️ Hamsters are known to be cute pets that spend their … They can be baked or not, and they can be given with the shell as well. Well, again, there isn’t much evidence pointing yes or no. Dog biscuits Weird, I know, but hamsters will go for dog treats as well. Table of Contents So do hamsters climb ?Hamsters have so much energy to burnClimbing toys for your hamster friendA word from Teddy Still, the whole bag will last you a couple of months or more, depending on what kind of hamster you have. Use an antibacterial soap, and try to find one with little to no scent. If you’ve got 2 or more hamsters housed in the same cage, remove the mother-to-be and put her in a different, large cage long before she gives birth. But it can’t get all of the nutrients out, in one go. Napoleon Here's the reason hamsters eat their babies. If the baby hamsters are found to be unhealthy or sick, then the Hamsters may eat them away. You can find out more on bar chewing here. Some hamsters like to chew. Here are the most common examples, and how you can save those babies by helping the mother. Assign a name for each hole. He won’t mind, or notice at all. Using a calm, soothing voice will help relax the hamster. Mo A mother's relation to her children is dictated largely -- almost exclusively -- by scent. But what should you name your hamster ? I know toys for hamsters might be a bit weird to figure out at first, but  you can definitely find ideas around. It will suit Syrian hamsters and Chinese or Campbells as well. Given how shall mice are, even the mellow, chill ones will seem skittish. But we can’t leave it like that, since it needs periodic cleaning. Larry But we do fart sometimes. Even if you don’t stay more than a few minutes, make sure she finishes the piece and not the babies. In time he will learn to associate you with food, and with good times and safety. This is an instinct they’ve had since forever, and it’s what kept them alive for so long. Tabby Neither do you, neither do I, for that matter. Keep the room your sick hamster’s in very quiet and stress free. Which, in itself can extract more nutrients, and also produce them – like some certain vitamins. An abscess is not easy to spot, so you must be careful to look for a constantly swollen cheek. Even if they might sound like silly questions at first, if you need to know he needs to tell you the answer. This was because of the stress brought on by the illness itself, and hamsters are terrible stress managers. Impacted cheek pouch At their second week of age, pups are still mostly defenseless. A hamster’s cheek pouches are two bag-like structures, that run alongside the mouth, all the way to the back of his shoulders. Hamsters need the rest, because they are always on high alert, and quite high strung. Eddie she lets me touch them and i think that's because she trusts me, so beat that you can touch them".. instead you look like a drunken, retarded,4 year old with a serious case of cerebral palsy,, even if what you were saying is … A You should be OK but mice can be a bit sensitive about their babies if they don’t know you well. He also runs a lot, so his wheel was the best thing ever. So always get your hamster a large cage, larger than you’d think. So keep the family in a quite place, avoid lots of noise and distractions – and yes, keep the cell phone pics to a minimum! Handling your hammy too much might tire him out faster than you’d like, and faster than would be alright for him. There are few rodents as charming as the hamster, so it is no wonder that for decades this tiny animal has been commonly chosen as a pet, especially if there are children at home. A regular light bulb won’t hurt him much, but it’s nothing compared to the sunlight. We got this idea from and thought it’s actually a great way to let fate decide. And the serving should be just one nut. That range is about 20-23 C/68-75 F, and your hammies will be fine. The article continues after the image.) Hannibal I hope you found what you were looking for here. She might get confused as to which one is chicken and which is her baby. You’ll find out things like why we freeze, how much food we need, and even why we eat our poop ! And lower than that can bring on a cold for the hammy. When foraging for food, hammies end up with lots of grains, seeds, and some roots to munch on. It’s basically a pair of really big cheeks, that can get and stay stuffed for however long the hamster needs them to. The European hamster, Cricetus cricetus, is critically endangered in many countries across Western Europe, most notably northeastern France. Unfortunately most of the searches I’ve done came up empty, and the ones I have found are too complex for hamsters. You will surely have heard at some point that hamster mothers eat their young. There are some foods that might cause gas, like broccoli, or cauliflower, and you can try with those to see if your hamster ends up breaking wind. If your hamster isn’t eating, try unflavored baby food. Like a paper bag that drives the cat crazy, or a slipper that will become your dog’s favorite toy. Unless you sprinkle it through his cage, which can keep him busy and keep his instincts sharp. So, to prevent extra stress, do NOT handle your hamster or her babies for about a week. Actually, you can get a better idea of what to feed your hammy here, with a list of safe and unsafe foods to feed your hamster. More than twice a week is too much. He won’t have to forage for his food anymore. I know us hammies look cute with out cheeks full. If you want to know more about us hamsters you should check out the related articles below. If you’re a new hamster owner, this will probably blow your mind. You can check the 5 best hamster cages (for Syrians and Dwarf types) and see what I mean. Home-made chew toy Syrian hamsters, of all the hamsters, have the highest chance of developing wet tail. It’s not something hamsters do, unlike bunnies. Another way is to place the hamster in his exercise ball, and stick a few sticky notes with the names written on them. Hamsters can start to eat solids at 10 days old, Ramsey says. Baby Syrian hamsters, who were just weaned by their mothers – around 4 weeks of age. However if the hamster is injured or sick, you will need to take him to a vet. Click to attach a photo related to your comment, Stop your Hamster from Eating its Offspring. pecans Hamsters are hardy enough, and they’re usually shielded from most diseases by being safe in your home. Alduin If you touch the babies, you leave your scent on them. A bored rat is never good news. We’ll cover that part too, and why it hurts the hamster. Hunter Dunkirk Common problems with hamster cheek pouches Also, I have touched the babies a little bit. Did your ever hear your hamster fart ? Hammies sleep curled up, and very well hidden in their little nest. Hamsters can mate again, right after the mother gave birth, so keep them apart. This also means that for most rodents, a poison or food that produces a significant amount of gastro-intestinal gas can possibly be lethal. Rudy Safe nuts and seeds for your hamster 5 Reasons Why a Hamster Would Eat its Babies and how to prevent it. Gary (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. Ginger Isolate the pregnant female from other hamsters, pets, people, and other distractions. Make sure they’re evenly spaced  out, no more than 3-5 names. Quentin Get to know your hammy, and expose him to several toys types, so you know which he likes best. No, hamsters don’t really recognize their name. This is mostly because hamsters are very territorial, and they end up fighting over everything, unless they have a very very large cage. Whatever nut you choose for your hamster (walnut, chestnut, acorn) make sure it is clean and dirt-free. If you want to know more of our secrets, like why we sometimes get scared of you, or why we need to run so much, check out the articles below.... How to save the hamster babies from being eaten, Leave food/protein for the mother before she gives birth, Give the mother plenty of space, in a large cage, Do not disturb the mother or cage for at least 2 weeks after giving birth, Do not touch the babies at all until the mother weans them (3-4 weeks), Separate the father from the litter at all times, Her personal space in too small, the babies take up. He’s a Syrian male, and a fairly tough and energetic one at that. So don’t skimp out on the running wheel for that matter. You should provide the mother with sufficient protein. It attaches to the top of the cage (like the wire mesh or wire lid). He might even recommend to keep the hammy overnight, to be able to administer the fluids regularly and keep a close eye on him. They’re able to learn tricks and they get bored easily if not given enough stimulation. The cheeks are emptied when the hamsters reach their nest Hamsters sleep during the day, and are awake at night, or in the twilight hours. Hamsters are solitary animals. When And How Hamsters Sleep – Your Furball’s Sleepy Time. Yes, he can totally do that. How to make sure your hamster’s cheeks are safe and healthy You can name your hamster whatever you like ! Since it is organic and exclusively fruit, your hammy might go through it fairly fast but he’s sure to love it. I know us hamsters are cute and you have a hard time naming us, but I’m sure you’ll find a great one for your friend. Whatever questions you have, they should be answered thoroughly. Maybe a bit exaggerated, but you get the general idea. Table of Contents About the hamster – general info + personalityAbout mice – general info + personalityAbout rats – general info + personalityFood difference between the 3 rodents (there aren’t any)Social needs of all 3 rodents and how they get along with ownersCage size and housing differencesA word from Teddy This also means that taming the hamster will not be as easy as taming a puppy. Hamsters aren’t the only child eaters: Polar bears, burying beetles, wolf spiders, and sand goby fish (among others) also practice infant cannibalism. I hope you found out what you were looking for here. Queenie They’re very noticeable, since it’s the actual flesh, hanging outside the hamster’s mouth. A female hamster is capable of having 2-3 litters a year. Not all hamsters can live together though, and some will fight to the death. Dwarf types can still get wet tail, but in a much smaller degree and it’s kind of rare for them. If you want to know how a hamster would fare if he were to live in the same cage as a rat or mouse, then you should read this article here. Shorty Taz General Napkin the Second Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of him sleeping, with his little feet curled up and ears folded. So I’ve had a few moments when I wanted to see him sleep and instead got a full view of the family jewels, and a furry foot. Goldie But they need to be unsalted peanuts. Once the signs of illness start to show, it becomes progressively harder to successfully treat. Farts smell because they’re the product of bacteria from the stomach breaking down the food particles. I hope you found what you were looking for here. More on how to safely transport your hamster in this article, and how to keep your hammy comfortable during the ride right here. The symptoms for wet tail are quite a few, and they can also be found in the description of other health issues for hamsters. Climb everything. He could hurt himself on something in the cage, or develop a tooth problem that needs fixing – more on hamster dental issues here. If anyone touches the nest and cleans it or disturbs it, then out of fear of their babies getting killed, parent hamsters eat them off. So their toys need to be safe. You see, hamsters don’t see very well but rely a whole lot on their sense of smell. They can get along with each other, but it’s a lot like with Dwarf hamsters. Given the fact that you’re awake during the day, and sleeping at night, I know you probably don’t get to see your friend too often. Another kind of toy a climbing hamster might like is just the ladder itself. (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. They’re usually the ones who have experience with this kind of small creatures. Why hamsters have cheek pouches at all In both cages, the very small one, and the large one, Teddy was all over everything. Remove the male hamster from the cage as his presence can increase the stress level of the mother. Honey The thing about peanut butter is that it’s sticky, and requires lots of cleanup. Other hiding places for your hammy to use could be very sturdy plastic cups that he can hide in. It’s noticeable by the wet, matted aspect of your hamster’s tail (hence the name). Always use the hamster’s name as often as you can when talking to him, and try to spend as much time as you possibly can. Hamsters climb for two great reasons: They’re so incredibly curious, they have to see and smell and hear everything, and will move towards you as often as they can. They’ve rarely been heard by anyone to actually pass gas, but after some research, I’ve concluded that they do. When hamsters are about a week old, their teeth emerge from their gums and their hair become visible. Table of Contents So what is wet tail ?Is your hammy at risk ?Symptoms of wet tail in hamstersHow to treat wet tailTaking your hamster to the vetCaring for a wet-tail sick hammy at homeChances of survivalHow hamsters develop wet tail in the first placeStress in hamstersDirty hamster cageOther medicationsMake sure your hamster stays healthyKeep your hamster away from stressful environmentsKeep the hammy at a comfortable temperatureAlways clean your hands before handling the hammyDo not feed the hamster overly watery foodsMake sure the water you give your hamster is safeA word from Teddy Your hammy does that too. The vet should know this and move slowly to not spook the hamster who does not know him. Peanuts do have a high fat content though, so be aware that too many peanuts will make your hamster overweight. Dexter Industrially-sourced feeding habitats overwhelmed with corn leave hamsters literally crazed — and devouring their own offspring. I’ll cover what wet tail is, what you can do about it, and how to make sure your hamster friend never suffers through it. Senior hammies can’t move very well, and can’t clean themselves as well as they used to. Then there’s the fact that hamsters are okay with humans handling them, but there is such a thing as too much for them. How to Take Care of Hamster Babies – From three weeks of age, the baby hamsters can now be weaned to start receiving solid food. Even if you do manage to hold onto one, he’ll almost immediately want to go exploring. He’a a healthy, normal hamster, doing healthy, normal hamster things. Or, they can make it easier for some problems to appear. Faye 1  You want to avoid getting your scent on the babies and unnecessarily moving them. The stress and effort of giving birth, especially her first litter, combined with you checking up on her constantly will annoy her. It can happen, rarely, but it can still happen. In females the genitals are right under the anus. Do not introduce lots of new people to your hamster at the same time.

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